Project Introduction

Reflection Project

Imagine a place where azure oceans meet majestic mountains, and where peace and quiet coexist with a thriving social scene. Reflection, located in North Cyprus’s pristine Tatlsu region, is more than just a property development; it is an investment in a lifestyle that mixes luxury with natural beauty.

Avangart Prime Project, Luxury & Convenience In The Heart Of Girne

Avangart Prime is a magnificent development that redefines modern life in Girne’s bustling centre. Avangart Prime, with its mix of residential and business complexes, provides a seamless blend of elegance, convenience, and refinement. This project, located in the heart of Girne, offers an unrivaled lifestyle enhanced by a variety of first-rate amenities, making it the ideal choice for people looking for a lively urban experience.

Sea Pearl Project, A Modern Living Jewel

Discover the pinnacle of modern living at Sea Pearl, a prestigious residential development in the center of Lapta, Kyrenia. Sea Pearl offers a lifestyle of exceptional elegance and comfort, with en suite apartments with spectacular double facade views. Each apartment is handcrafted with painstaking attention to detail and serves as a blank canvas for your creative touch, allowing you to choose custom materials for flooring, baths, and kitchens. Sea Pearl is made with first-rate materials and exceptional craftsmanship with a commitment to perfection.

Vasilia Project, Luxury Living Reimagined In Esentepe

The Vasilia project, nestled in the beautiful splendor of Esentepe, ushers in a new age of exquisite living. Vasilia’s apartments are precisely constructed to capture the essence of elegance and comfort, and they cater to a wide range of interests and lifestyles. Vasilia provides something special for everyone looking for the perfect balance of tranquillity and convenience, from tiny one-bedroom flats to huge three-bedroom homes with private pools and gardens.

Velux Project, Exclusive Living In Çatalköy, Kyrenia

One of the project’s distinguishing qualities is its central location, which allows for quick access to all Çatalköy and the neighboring surroundings have to offer. Its proximity to the highway makes commuting a snap, and the spectacular views of the mountains and sea lend a natural beauty factor to daily life.

Introduction to Projects in North Cyprus

Spectra: Best Investment Opportunity In North Cyprus Do you want to find the best investment opportunity in North Cyprus? Look no further, because the astonishing Spectra Project awaits you. It’s astonishing that 60% of the project has already been sold before construction has even started. This eye-catching project has caught the interest of Europeans eager to invest...

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