Turkey-TRNC Under-Water Electricity Connection Project Nearing Completion

  • 8 months ago
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A team of experts, including METU Northern Cyprus Campus’s Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department Head Prof. Dr. Murat Fahrioglu, is nearing completion of feasibility studies for a submarine electricity connection project between Türkiye and TRNC. The project involves a bidirectional connection, allowing electricity flow from both Türkiye and TRNC.

The project aligns with the global shift towards smart grids and highlights the island’s potential for renewable energy technologies. METU Northern Cyprus Campus research has revealed the island’s exceptional solar energy potential, paving the way for a future powered through clean energy.

The project is expected to expand METU Northern Cyprus Campus’s current solar energy capacity from 20% to 40% and contribute significantly to sustainable resource practices and technological infrastructure on the island.

The project, which involves an approximately 85-kilometer connection, is expected to be completed within five years.

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