Complete Guide to the Banking System in North Cyprus

North Cyprus has become a sought-after place for people from around the world looking to invest, retire, live, or study due to its easy tax rules, friendly relationships with other countries, safety, and social stability.
Having a bank account in Northern Cyprus is not just for everyday money matters. It’s essential for various things like conducting business transactions, managing funds for visa applications, receiving salaries, demonstrating financial capability, paying installments for property purchases, covering university tuition fees, and many more.

Benefits and Advantages

For individuals considering migration and investment in Cyprus, prioritizing the opening of a bank account is crucial. Northern Cypriot banks offer many advantages and services to foreigners, such as:

  1. Various Banking Services: These include online banking, loans, checking account, savings accounts, foreign currency accounts, and more. You can pick what suits your needs.
  2. Stable Banking System: Northern Cypriot banks are part of Turkish banking system, known for being safe and stable.
  3. Easy Account Opening: The process of opening an account in Northern Cypriot banks is generally straightforward. Clients can easily initiate the process by providing necessary documents and completing requisite forms.
  4. International Transactions: Possessing a foreign currency account in Northern Cyprus facilitates transactions in Turkish Lira, US Dollars, Pounds, and Euros. This flexibility enables seamless deposits, conversions, and withdrawals in these currencies. Moreover, it empowers individuals to make purchases in European countries and Turkey or withdraw funds from ATMs in these regions.
  5. International Fund Transfers: Northern Cypriot banks make it easy to send money internationally, which is helpful for individuals involved in international trade, foreign travel, or those intending to transfer funds globally.
  6. Facilitating International Trade Transactions through Northern Cyprus
  7. Better Interest Rates than the UK and Other European Countries
  8. Offering Incentives and Privileges to Private Companies, Tax Breaks, and Providing Higher Returns to Their Deposits
  9. Possibility of Obtaining Mortgage Loans and Other Loans: Banks may offer loans of up to 50% of the property value with repayment periods of up to 15 years and low or zero interest rates. Notably, these loans are applicable only to Turkish deeds.
  10. Getting Cash and Debit Cards

Before opening an account, it’s essential to research and get advice based on your needs and personal situation. The first step involves selecting the type of account and the bank that offers the desired features.

Types of bank accounts in North Cyprus

Types of bank accounts Northern Cypriot banks offer to foreigners include:

  1. Savings Account: This type of account is for saving money and earning monthly interest.
  2. Current Account: Ideal for daily transactions such as bill payments, receiving salaries, and fund transfers. Applicants can easily use this account for financial management and have quick access to their funds.
  3. Foreign Currency Account: Suited for those needing to maintain funds in foreign currencies like US Dollars, Euros, and British Pounds. This account allows direct deposits, conversions, or withdrawals in the chosen currency.
  4. Investment Account: Empowers clients to invest in the stock market, investment funds, stocks, and other financial instruments. Account holders can benefit from capital growth and engage in a diverse range of investment activities.
  5. Precious Metals Account: Tailored for investing in precious metals markets such as gold and silver, this account provides opportunities to conduct transactions in this market.

Different banks may offer different account types. By talking to experts, you can choose the best one for you.

List of Northern Cypriot Banks

Note: Please be aware that individuals from abroad might not be eligible to open an account at certain banks. It is advisable to confirm the availability of account opening for foreigners with your chosen bank before proceeding.

Essential Documents for Opening a Bank Account in North Cyprus

The Key Documents Required for Opening a Bank Account in Northern Cyprus:

  1. Passport
  2. Proof of Residence or Mukhtar letter: If your residence document is in your name, use utility bills like water and electricity for address confirmation. Tenants should provide a lease agreement and obtain confirmation from the local mukhtar.
  3. Initial Deposit: Some banks may ask for an initial deposit.
  4. Residence Certificate and Visa

Visit the bank, fill out forms, and finish the account opening process. After that, wait for the bank to confirm your account. It might take a few days to a few weeks. Once confirmed, the bank will send you a message with your account details.

Remember, if the government of Northern Cyprus finds any signs of money laundering or involvement with terrorist groups in your transactions, they can block your account and freeze your money.

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